A comparison of shane by george stevens and pale rider by clint eastwood

One of the funniest bits was when he dispatched some thugs using a very bad kung fu style method.

Shane (George Stevens) 1953

George Stevens was known for his way with actors and his capacity to obtain some of their best performances. It is only when the conflict starts to emerge that things get worse and worse until the ending.

The manner in which he handles both these problems segues into the now-legendary "Come back, Shane" finale.

Pale Rider

A true example of how your sins will find you out and that sometimes miracles do happen Every scene is composed with extreme care: The most amazing thing for me was to discover the heterogeneity among its most devoted fans.

Instead of playing their usual outlandish bad guys, they relied on their natural ability to exude devilish intent.

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The Preacher speaks as we would expect? Formalist innovation the spaghetti Westernneorealist cynicism grittier, darker, meaner sides of cowboy lifeand counterculture sensibility the prominence of Indian, Black, Mexican, and woman Westerns. The film was a major success; Stanley Kauffmann of The New Republic praised it as "crystalline cinema" [] and Frank Rich of Time described it as "cool, cinematic grace".

He has the ability to limit his dialogue and communicate to the audience with the assistance of minimal body language the emotions of his character. Shane knows that a showdown with Wilson is inevitable; he also knows that, unintentionally, he has become a disruptive element in the Starrett family.

I seriously loved the shootout Eastwood pulled off. Where are the good westerns these days? Star, producerfilmmaker Eastwood realizes an excellent film and perfectly directed. And we really owe it all to Clint Eastwood for this film. Scenery in "Pale Rider" was absolutely beautiful, especially when combined with the effective lighting and cinematography.

The book has her name in the title which is indicative of the fact that the story is told through her eyes. Instead of the menacing gunfighter Wilson, we get a less menacing, crooked lawman who is no good without his deputies. It is well-acted, well characterized, has plenty of action, and is overall a great achievement.

This is probably due to the fact that the limitation in audience appeal has meant that the story has to be of solid value in order to attract the investors. She is the married woman who reveals an unspoken love Well-paced, with the occasional light touch. Da Capo Press,; John E.

The telling of a story through the eyes of a young innocent can add various dimensions to the story. An out-of-this-world quality for which Ladd should have earned more recognition and for which I will be forever grateful.

Ebert, in contrast, gave the film three stars and called it " I decided it was time to be an anti-hero. They look cold, dark and menacing.Aug 28,  · My personal opinion on the greatest westerns ever made in cinema currclickblog.comibe or whatever.

Upon the subsequent passage of time from making the video, i would also add Shane(George Stevens. Shane () is a timeless, classic western tale - a very familiar and highly regarded seminal western and the most successful Western of the s.

The film's rich color cinematography captures the beautiful environment of the legendary frontier (filmed on location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming) with its gray-blue Grand Tetons as a backdrop. Jun 28,  · FILM: CLINT EASTWOOD IN 'PALE RIDER' By VINCENT CANBY.

There are laughs in it, and all but one or two of them are intentional, including a final, shameless quote from George Stevens's ''Shane.''.

The simple story of a Wyoming range war is elevated to near-mythical status in producer/director George Stevens' Western classic Shane. Alan Ladd plays the title character, a mysterious drifter who rides into a tiny homesteading community and accepts the hospitality of a farming family.

Pale Rider - Clint Eastwood. Fort Apache - John. ¿SHANE¿ -- The Quintessential Western bar none. This simply outstanding standard-setting western was rigorously imitated in plot and character decades later by a flick called ¿Pale Rider¿ starring Clint Eastwood, a good movie but not close to being in the same league as SHANE nor garnering the same performances.

Alan Ladd is superb as Shane/5(11). Jun 28,  · Watch video · Anyway Pale Rider seen Clint Eastwood return to the Western after quite a few years doing other types of movies and luckily Pale Rider is a great film. As has been mentioned in numerous other user comments it does borrow very heavily from the Classic Western Shane and Clint's own High Plains Drifter but it never /10(K).

A comparison of shane by george stevens and pale rider by clint eastwood
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