A comprehensive movie analysis of the great debaters by denzel washington

Perhaps this could have opened his eyes by instilling some professionalism in him to ensure that he did not mix business with personal matters. So right away, the Henry Lowe character provides, forgive the pun, color. The theme of this was that The Great Debaters shows how black realize that Education was the key to their success.

Before settling on an agreement which in this case was to make Denzel Whitaker have his way Denzel Washington should have considered several options.

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Instead, Jurnee Smollet is more interested in Nate Parker. At that point, the coach should have detected that something was wrong. Farmer's stern and accomplished father Dr. How often have we heard some variation of this logic in modern times?

Later, Burgess informs Tolson that his father is concerned about Tolson's radical political beliefs. He simply gives in and allows Denzel Whitaker to debate.

Led by Tolson, the debate team portrayed here includes the clever but troubled Henry Lowe Nate Parker ; a young woman, Samantha Brooke Jurnee Smollett ; and an academically precocious year-old, James L.

I think we are all better served to stick to the known facts and not to take the easy way out by misrepresenting what some particular individual said. It reminds us of what it means to be excellent, to stand for something good, to love with all our hearts, and to shine.

It was replayed thousands of times. Among the topics the team is shown debating are the responsibility of government to provide for the welfare of its citizens; the right of Black students to attend state universities; and the morality or immorality of the prison system.

In terms of Oscar's chances, costume designer Sharen Davis nominated for her designs in Ray and Dreamgirls is worthy of citation. It wants to remind us that the seemingly abstract issues these young people are grappling with had authentic, immediate and dangerous implications in their own lives.

From the beginning, the debate takes shape as a battle between law-and-order Harvard and the people's obligation to do fight injustice Wiley. Smollett's performance is the ignored performance worthy of consideration for awards of These will help them to conquer their own justice as a person.

Inspired by a true story, the film chronicles the rise of an underdog debate team in s Texas. Colors are quite magnificent, as well. These help ground the film historically, but are also topics well chosen to draw parallels with today's ongoing public debates, should any viewer take to heart the film's exhortation to think hard and wide.

But when Tolson offers the remaining debaters a chance to do the same, they decline. Adding his charisma, potency, and veteran thespian persona, the film is a success. The speeches given in the debates are very powerful and really showcase what the debates around segregation and capitalism were at the time.

Then the plot shifts to the surroundings of Wiley College, and begins its setup of the environment for black scholars and learned preacher men. Denzel Whitakerand Henry Lowe Nate Parker -and their coach, Melvin Tolson Denzel Washington - as they travel the country passionately delivering meticulously-researched positions on the key social issues of the era.

It is a promise Farmer keeps, even though by doing so, he infuriates his father, James Farmer Sr. Next, the slaves who had been forced to witness this atrocity would be pulverized to "within an inch of their lives," but not past the brink of death.

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This movie shows that with words, power is given. Tolson, a poet and professor from the s. This movie would give an insight to young adults who can relate and have been through the same situations.Feb 04,  · The Great Debaters - themes Hooray for Denzel Washington, Director.

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Remember this is not a movie review: it's not about "I liked it; I loved it." You are not a movie critic. I agree it is a great movie and I thank all who voted for it and to Wendy C for loaning it. Reply Delete. Replies. The Great Debaters () Denzel Washington played the role of Melvin B.

Tolson. The Great Debaters () Denzel Washington played the role of Melvin B. Tolson. Summary: Believe in the power of words. Inspired by a true story, The Great Debaters chronicles the journey of Professor Melvin Tolson, a brilliant but volatile debate team coach who uses the power of words to shape a group of underdog students from a small African-American college in the Deep South into a historically elite debate team.

The movie is based on the real-life story of the debate team at Wiley College, an all-black school in Texas who won a national championship in and, as the credits at the end of the film indicate, went undefeated for a period of ten years.

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The Great Debaters Essay - Words - currclickblog.com The Great Debaters The Great Debaters, Directed By Denzel Washington, Is An Inspirational Movie About A Specific Debate Team Overcoming Racism In The Segregated South.

It Is Based Off Of The Debate Team Of Wiley College, A Small Religious Black School In East Texas, During The Great.

A comprehensive movie analysis of the great debaters by denzel washington
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