Self publishing editing services

So which self-publishing platform is best? Higher Royalties Place more in your pocket with some of the best economics in the industry. But this should help get you started. If you do not have Word, let us know and we will provide your marked up manuscript in a different form.

Assesses your work to be sure that it has fulfilled the basic requirements of a published book.

Professional Copyediting (down payment)

Quality control is of course more difficult. One could imagine the impulse of some writers: You may buy this service only in conjunction with one of the other editing services. This amount will be applied toward your final editing cost and will cover the first 15, words of your manuscript.

Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies: From subject verb agreement to the need to include a reference or source line, a cold read can be invaluable. Hourly rates may vary from editor to editor, but the number of hours to perform a particular type of editing should be comparable from editor to editor.

Aggregator An aggregator not only offers a publishing and retailing platform for ebooks, but also distributes them to a number of partner online retailers and libraries. Books published with CreateSpace retail exclusively on Amazon, unless the author has opted into their Expanded Distribution program.


Even if you plan on publishing your book traditionally by submitting it to a conventional publisher or to an agent, you really should have it edited before you submit it. Wide Distribution Options Reach readers for free.

As nice as your friends might be, chances are they are not editors. You have made up your mind that there is a market for your book beyond your ten best friends.

Publishing & Marketing Services

Of course, not all freelance editors offer the personal touch, but it is more likely. That step is utilizing the services of a professional editor.

If you are on a limited budget and really intend to turn this publishing venture into a hobby and not a second job, you might be OK.Self-Publishing Review offers professional book reviews, book marketing, and book editing services, as well as featuring news, opinion, and how to’s on the self-publishing process.

Self-publishing an ebook or paperback? Perfect your prose with the help of a freelance editor. Services include proofreading, copy editing and structural editing. I also offer a range of self-publishing packages to take your book from draft to publicaiton, with one-to-one support throughout.

Writer’s Helper: “Editing Services Making Self Published Writers Better” The Fiction Doctor: Offers $ a page for proofreading and $ a page for critique. Her quote is for words a page, which is industry standard.

Self-publishing is about getting your book to market faster. We’ll efficiently have your edited manuscript ready for you in 5 to 7 business days. Some services like. Note: Line Editing is the process to check the integrity of your creative process. If you wish to check spelling and grammar please see “Proofread.” This is the equivalent of “Level 2: Structural” edit as outlined by SFEP Best Practices.


Get your manuscript ready to sell with help from the SPS team. Our publishing services include writing coaching, editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, uploading, metadata and keyword creation, website design, and marketing.

Self publishing editing services
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