Solution to unemployment is quality education

This, however, overlooked the root of the problem — how to facilitate the hiring of workers and to make the labour market in Spain more economically competitive.

Generally, beyond completion of degree courses there is a severe lack of information on the knowledge, skills and values that graduates actually possess, which gives little room to compare across contexts or over periods of time.

Globally there is a rise in demand for skilled workers. A significant number of youths cannot acquire the education needed for employment because of crisis and conflict. Poverty Some graduates are clever and filled with business ideas but are not are not able to implement them because they funds and capitals needed.

Provision of Infrastructures such as good roads, ware house, market. If you have to, enlist the help of job search boards and other job hunting specialists. With the youths among the big losers of the recent economic crisis, technical and vocational education is often seen as the silver bullet to the problem of youth joblessness.

Journal of Business and Management, 15 681— With the rapid technological advancement which the world is now witnessing and the continuous transformation of the world economies through globalization, there is a great pressure than before in many countries to develop their technical and vocational education system to meet their developmental needs.

Lack of money makes people murder others just for money. These are taken out of the paycheck that you have worked so hard for in the past, and now, you need them.

Currently, many convivial industrial wares and toys are produced in Thailand, even by students, and many students travel abroad to practice as technologists upon graduation, at that level.

This system did not provide incentives for on-the-job training; worker skills depreciated quickly as a result. The reason is that vocational school graduates have technical abilities which university graduates often lack.

One solution to unemployment and underemployment is to bring jobsback to America. Also runs 3 year technical and vocational education and training TVET referred to as higher secondary education.

They can alsorequire standards of conduct, behavior and education thatencourages excellence in students. Diverting graduates to rural areas is a third measure.

The winning essay: How to solve youth unemployment

The youth unemployment scenario in Nigeria has been attributed partly to a mismatch between inadequate educational outcomes and skills. How is education involved in unemployment? Overall, there is a need to almost start from scratch. No teacher should be appointed without proof of their qualifications and experience.

Particular emphasis is given to upgrading vocational education provision with a view to attracting and producing the necessary manpower in terms of quantity and quality. This will avoid the complexities brought by the existing multitude of types of contracts, simplify the system for recruitment, and allow the entry of more highly qualified recruits — the young — into jobs with a greater prospect of increasing productivity.

Nigeria has taken a turn that is difficult back out, public funds which are supposed to be used for creation of job opportunities are being used personal for selfish reasons.Technical European Journal of Education Studies - Volume 2 │ Issue 11 │ Akor, R. T., Agashi, P. P., Ekuje, F. T., Akoh, J.

Ghana: Agriculture - Solution to Youth Unemployment in Ghana

A., Ebenehi, E. S. - TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: A SOLUTION TO PRECARIOUS YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA education today in Nigeria is looked down upon as a dead end option of low quality and typically. Nov 12,  · Education and training in particular seem to get little attention.

Firstly, Spain has a 30% dropout rate at the high school level and a 50% dropout rate. Ultimately, poor quality education risks reinforcing inequalities and sustaining inter-generational poverty and marginalization.

Increased efforts are needed to ensure that education. "The Sure Solution For Unemployment Is Better Quality Of Education" Essays and Research Papers The Sure Solution For Unemployment Is Better Quality Of Education South Africa has had a pervasive unemployment problem for the past forty years (Lam, Leibbrandt, & Mlatsheni, ).

quality of secondary education and poor education in its turn resulted in unemployment, creating a cycle where unemployment leads to low incomes, low incomes lead to poor education and poor education results in unemployment. Dec 02,  · Ghana: Agriculture - Solution to Youth Unemployment in Ghana.

tweet. share. Google+. comment. email. This is attributed to the lack of basic or quality basic education .

Solution to unemployment is quality education
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