The merchant of venice shylock victim or villain essay

If you poison us do we not die?

The Merchant of Venice Essay | Essay

He hath disgraced me, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation," The quote clearly portrays Shylock remembering every single thing that Antonio has done to him. Mark, Jew- O learned judge! This shows that he would have actually gone through with the punishment, when the tables are turned.

The Merchant of Venice, Shylock: Victim or Villain Essay

Only moments before, they had been speaking of spitting. And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? DH Lawrence wrote astutely about what happens to a living work when the artist puts his finger in the pan, forcing its outcome. Additionally, he is a loyal man because the ring he had for Jessica was given away for monkeys and he says he would not give up that ring under any circumstances; this shows that he is not simply acquisitive but that he has a heart.

Choose Type of service. Would he have made life easier for himself had he relented? Did Jews castrate themselves? Shylock is seen as a villain, towards his treatment of Jessica because during his interaction with her in his house, he bosses her around, telling her to look after the interests of his house and is oblivious about the state of her emotions.

As a result of this there was great anticipation leading up to his eventual appearance. From knowing this you have to feel that Shylock is very much a victim, and he is not going to be able to reach back up to the top again. He speaks of how he would never sell it as it means so much to him.

This alone would be hard for a father to come to terms with, but she steals his money also. No consensus has been reached on whether Shylock is a tyrannical villain or a tragic victim.

This makes us feel compassionate for Shylock and we feel that he has been done an injustice so as a result he is seen as a victim.

That in particular encourages me to feel sympathetic towards Shylock because he may never receive a fair hearing about him since everywhere he goes he is continuously ridiculed and spat on by Christians. Throughout the course of the play, Shylock lives in depression and anger after he noticed that his daughter, Jessica stole his money and fled with Lorenzo.

Further on, Portia introduces images of royal power to indicate that the power of God goes above all and those who have mercy are like God himself. Bassanio who arrives within the hour, immediately offers Shylock six thousand ducats, twice the amount of the original finance but Shylock declines the offer and only says that he would not give in to money only to dish his revenge out on Antonio.

All my books are apocalyptic. They are only not more dangerous because they are indolent and forget to be.

Is Shylock a villain or victim in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Essay

He declines the invitation due to the fact that he hates Christians and he cannot eat pork because of his religion. She says that a penalty is included if blood is spilt. If you prick us do we not bleed? His desire to kill Antonio is shown in this quote.

Firstly and most importantly he has not been returned the money he is owed on time and so Antonio has forfeited the bond, Shylock has taken him to court to claim his so called justice.

He shows he is jubilant that his bond taking place nicely and Antonio, a Christian, will go into ruin. This malevolent side of Shylock is often brought about through thought of his money being lost, and is not a pleasant side at all.

In this statement he is clearly a villain, because of his quite blatant racism. Shylock is clearly portrayed here as the villain as he is refusing every offer Bassanio is throwing at him. However, when the audience saw the play when Shakespeare was alive, things were a lot different.

He is now in danger of death or destruction. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Throughout the play he's referred to as "Jew" rather than " Shylock ", and you can see why he longs to "feed fat" his grudge against the Christians. He wanted to take control for once and not be the victim.I am currently studying the merchant of venice for my GCSE's in ireland and the title of our essay is IS SHYLOCK A VICTIM OR A VILLIAN SO IF YOU HAVE ANY POINTS THAT I COULD INCLUDE PLEASE LEAVE.

In the play Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare, the main antagonist Shylock is often portrayed as a cold-hearted villain. Shylock is actually not the villain but a victim of society. Summary: Shylock, is the most noteworthy figure in Shakespeare's comedy, The Merchant of Venice.

While no consensus has been reached on whether Shylock is a tyrannical villain or a tragic victim, evidence indicates he is a bloodthirsty villain. Antonio's counterpart, Shylock, is the most noteworthy.

The Merchant of Venice, Shylock: Victim or Villain Essay

This essay will look at whether shylock is a villain or a victim. A reason to argue that shylock is a villain is when he hears news of one of Antonio’s ships crash on the rocks. Shylock almost celebrates.

Merchant of Venice Shylock – Victim or Villain Essay

Shylock, with Antonio is the major character in the play, at times referred to as a villain and sometimes a victim. The dictionary defines a villain as “a cruelly malicious person” and a victim as “a person who is deceived or cheated”.

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The merchant of venice shylock victim or villain essay
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